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27 June 2022
Trieste, Italy
BuyFVG 2022 Workshop

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Online Agenda of BuyFVG 2022

Here you will have the chance to boost your business booking appointments with 115 Buyers and more than 100 Sellers

Friuli Venezia Giulia is defined a small compendium of Italy: you can go from the moutains to the sea in very short time, crossing gentle hills and green plains turning into sandy beaches or rocky coastlines. Your jouney of discovery thorough this small, untouched paradise will take you through the streets of traditional villages and cities of art, where you will be able to follow the step of ancient folks and their cultures as well as enjoy the still, wild nature of its parks, rivers and lagoons. An authentic Italian experience while tasting excellent white wines and traditional specialities.

Trieste, Italy
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Participants 208
Meetings 1034
Italy 125
Germany 19
Austria 10
Czech Republic 6
Hungary 6
Netherlands 5
United States 5
Switzerland 5
Poland 4
United Kingdom 4
Belgium 3
Norway 3
Israel 3
Canada 2
Finland 2
Denmark 2
Sweden 1
France 1
Croatia 1
Slovakia 1
Total 208